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Preparing for the bar

Recently we caught up with our Director of Bar Preparation, Christopher Buscaglia. He’s been a game-changer for Ave Law and is leading quite an important program at the law school.

Do you have a specific game plan you suggest to students studying for the bar exam?
Although every student is different and has different study habits, experience suggests to me that every student must establish a study routine. This requires that each student recognize the importance of every study day between the end of their final exams for the semester and the first day of the bar exam. Each day is precious. If one is wasted, that time cannot be retrieved. Every day must be planned in advance. There are at least a couple ways to accomplish this. First, the bar companies have a detailed syllabus that guides students in establishing a study routine. Second, here at Ave Maria we have a Supplemental Bar Prep Program that runs in parallel to the commercial bar prep programs. This Program is intended to supplement and enhance the commercial programs by directing students’ efforts toward the most highly tested subjects/areas on the bar exam. Our Supplemental Program also has a detailed syllabus that further directs students in establishing an efficient study routine.

It’s been told that you have patience and a special dedication to tutoring students one-on-one. What made you decide to take this path in your career and what is one of the favorite aspects of your job?
Our Supplemental Bar Prep Program also includes individual tutoring of students. Many students are hesitant to discuss specific issues in a group setting. Some students may be having difficulty in a particular area that is not addressed by the commercial bar companies or by our Supplemental Program. These students benefit from one-on-one instruction. Now that we have hired an Assistant Director of Bar Preparation in the person of Holly Paar, we have effectively doubled our tutoring resources. Consequently, any student requested tutoring will receive tutoring.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to students preparing for the bar?
If I had to give one piece of advice to a student preparing for the bar exam it would be this: before you walk into that room to take the bar exam, make sure that you did everything humanly possible to prepare yourself for the exam. You never want to say these words: “If only I had studied harder….”